Peach Premium Laminator PL750, A4/laminovačka

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incl. Starterpack with 10 Laminating Pouches

for use of Laminating pouches up to 2 x 125 mic

Up to 75% energy savings compared to standard laminators
Suitable for:
Photo prints, ID cards, business cards, luggage tags and much more
Technical Data

Max. Thickness of Laminate 0.5 mm
Laminating Speed 400 mm/min
Jam Release Function (ABS) Yes
Max. Working Width 230
incl. Starterpack with 10 pouches Yes
For Laminating Pouches up to 2 x 125 microns
Highspeed No
Warm-up Time ca. 2 minutes
Heating System 2 heated rollers
Brand Peach